Community Pharmacy Partners

Cardinal Health Specialty Pharmacy puts you in the specialty pharmacy business

You’ve worked hard to earn the trust of your patients. And you don’t want to lose them when they
need specialty pharmaceuticals with limited distribution or third-party lockouts?

Enter the Specialty Pharmacy Alliance from Cardinal Health.

The alliance helps thousands of community pharmacies keep their specialty patients—and their
complementary scripts—local. Of course, specialty medications present unique challenges for your patients.
That’s why the Specialty Pharmacy Alliance offers wrap-around support dedicated to one-on-one patient
care from professionals with clinical disease state expertise.

A team committed to supporting for your patients.

With Cardinal Health Specialty Pharmacy, patients speak directly to one pharmacist or pharmacy technician
- from intake, benefits investigation and co-pay assistance counseling, straight through to drug
administration education and side effect management. Our pharmacists are available 24x7 to answer patient
questions. It’s all followed up with proactive patient adherence services and refill reminder programs

For more information or to join the Specialty Pharmacy Alliance, call 866.281.4780.