Cardinal Health Specialty Pharmacy frequently asked questions

  • Call us at 1.888.662.6779
  • Use this number for urgent questions after the pharmacy has closed. A pharmacist is on-call every day around the clock
  • Our business hours are 8a.m. – 8p.m. Eastern Time Monday through Friday.
  • We are closed on weekends and most holidays.
  • Call 911 if you have a medical emergency.
  • In the event of an emergency/disaster, lost medication/supplies, or a need for your medication early/prior to travel, call the pharmacy immediately.
    • Requests can be made to your insurance company for emergency approvals.
    • Requests can be made to your prescriber for an emergency prescription.
    • Emergency deliveries can be made to an alternate address.
  • Pharmacists are available for emergency and clinical situations (side effects, medication assistance, complaint solving). Pharmacists can answer questions about order and copay status, claims and benefit coverage.
  • Use the number above and request to speak with a supervisor for concerns or complaints regarding services.
    • If a supervisor is not able to resolve your complaint, request to speak with a manager.
  • You may contact URAC, via the website, or ACHC at 855-937-2242 for any unresolved concerns.
  • You may contact the Maryland Board of Pharmacy at 410-764-4755 for any unresolved pharmacy concerns.
  • Your prescriber can fax prescriptions to: 1.877.800.4790
  • Mail prescriptions to:
    • Cardinal Health Specialty Pharmacy
    • 7172 Columbia Gateway Dr.
    • Columbia, MD 21046
    • Include:
      • First and last name
      • Address
      • Date of birth
      • Phone number
      • Allergies
      • Other medications (including OTCs and herbals)
      • A list of diseases / conditions according to your doctor
  • We do not fill narcotic prescriptions.
  • Your prescription may be filled with a generic equivalent or biosimilar based on state law, FDA equivalency rating and, company policy.
  • An employee will let you know if we are unable to fill your prescription. Information on medication availability will be given upon request.
  • We will call you to plan deliveries.
  • Once your prescription is ready to ship and scheduled, we ship next day or 2nd day air, according to program rules, via UPS.
  • Allow extra time for delivery if you mail your prescription.
  • An employee will let you know if your delivery will be delayed. Some reasons for delays are prior authorizations required, or a quantity limitation, imposed by your insurance company. We will work with you and your doctor to get prior authorizations completed as quickly as possible. If your insurance company will not allow a quantity override due to unforeseen circumstances, we will help you determine the best way to get your medication.
  • NOTE: During Summer months, room temperature products may ship with an ice pack at the bottom to keep the medication from becoming too hot. You can discard the ice pack.
  • NOTE: For refrigerated products, it is useful to save the foam boxes and ice packs in case you lose electrical power. Keep ice packs frozen.
  • We will call you 2 weeks before your refill is due. Call us if you do not receive a call.
    • Make sure that you tell us about changes in your insurance.
  • Most insurance companies allow refills a week before you run out. Please order refills early.
  • Do not worry about ordering your refill too soon. We will hold your prescription until your insurance will pay for it.
  • Tell us if your directions have changed.
  • If you need your prescription immediately, let us know so your order can be expedited. You may ask about having your prescription transferred to a local pharmacy if you cannot wait for a shipment. The prescription can be transferred back to us the next time it is needed.
How much will my prescription cost?
  • This depends on your insurance. Usually we can tell you when you call. We will help you get answers if we do not know.
  • Call the Member Services phone number on your prescription card. They can let you know which specialty pharmacies are in or out of network. They can also tell you the price difference between in and out of network pharmacies.
  • Drug prices may change.
  • The cost also depends on the amount prescribed.
  • Remind your doctor to prescribe the maximum allowed by your insurance.
  • We will know how much you owe when your claim is processed.
  • We will help you identify co-pay assistance, patient assistant programs, or other support/charitable organizations if you cannot afford the cost of your prescription.
How can I pay for my prescription order?
  • A service representative will help you plan your payment.
  • We accept checks, money orders, credit cards and debit cards (specifically Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express).
  • You must give your consent to the amount paid, and the method of payment.
  • Please do not mail cash.
  • We service all 50 US States, Washington DC, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.
  • The Patient Management Program is included at no cost to you. You are automatically enrolled. You may opt out at any time. Pharmacists will work with you on any medication related concerns or questions.
  • The potential benefits of this program are:
    • Managing side effects
    • Improved overall health
    • Additional disease and medication information for you
    • Taking medications as prescribed
    • Coordination of care with your physician.
  • The potential limitations of this program are dependent on you, the patient. You must be willing to:
    • Follow the directions of your physician and pharmacist
    • Be compliant with taking your medication, and
    • Be willing to discuss the details of your disease, medical history and activities of daily life with your pharmacist.
  • Please let your physician know that you are enrolled in our Patient Management Program. A good relationship between your physician and your pharmacist will benefit you.
  • To contact the Patient Management Program, call us at 1.888.662.6779.
Simply call or use our secure online patient portal to request refills, view prescription status, and update personal, caregiver, physician, or insurance information.
  • Visit and click "Patient account login" at the top of the screen.
  • On the patient portal login page, click "Create Account".
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to enter your account information. Your 6-digit Patient MRN number can be found on a white sticker near your prescription label.
  • Your account will be activated within 24 hours of your request. Contact us if you need any assistance setting up your account.