Manage your specialty spend with wrap-around patient support programs

Cardinal Health Specialty Pharmacy helps patients start and stay on specialty therapy with best-in-class, high-touch
therapy management programs for your covered lives. How do we do it? By hiring pharmacists
and pharmacy technicians with dedicated disease state expertise—and making them accessible on every patient's
phone call at our 24 hours a day, seven days per week customer support center.

Picture a patient, new to therapy.

The patient gets contacted by a pharmacist or pharmacy technician for an early intake survey, then speaks to the same contact
for benefits and Patient Assistance Programs (PAP) investigation, tips about injection sites and, later, how to manage side effects.

At Cardinal Health Specialty Pharmacy, we know that patients surrounded with our adherence management programs generally
experience better therapy outcomes and increased work productivity. These patients are also likely to make their
first fills more quickly and remain compliant, with fewer emergent MD and ER visits.

Best-in-class monitoring

Once medication is delivered on time and intact to patients, we monitor patients closely for adherence, persistency, and to avoid medication waste. And since Cardinal Health Specialty Pharmacy monitors each drug transparently, you’ll have access information and trends throughout the therapy life cycle.

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