Biopharmaceutical Manufacturers

Patient adherence: see the difference Cardinal Health Specialty Pharmacy makes

Add Cardinal Health Specialty Pharmacy to your network of limited distribution pharmacies, and you’ll get much more than specialty
drug delivery. You’ll get high-touch, patient-centered care that can lead to stronger persistency ratios and better therapy outcomes.

It all starts with white-glove service.

Our service leads each patient from intake, benefits investigation and co-pay assistance counseling, straight
through drug administration education and side effect management – all with a single point of contact – a pharmacist or pharmacy technician with clinical disease state expertise. Of course, each specialty medication is express delivered in secure containers that meet strict standards for temperature integrity, ambient storage and weather protection.

You’ll never have to guess about patient outcomes.

From speed to first fill, adherence and patient satisfaction rates, Cardinal Health Specialty Pharmacy collects data throughout the
therapy life cycle. So we serve BioPharma manufactures like you with data reporting that is highly transparent,
customizable and simple to access.

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